In April of 2020 I collaborated with Steve Mehallo and Milk Surface to put together a one day event that happened entirely online, while it was April 23rd somewhere in the world, which means it ran for about 40 hours.

I built a website that changed and evolved over that period of time. There were audio and video track that users could activate or inactivate, plus there was a live chat feature and the ability to upload files.

Visitors were encouraged to submit work that was then turned into a zine, designed and produced by Steve Mehallo. You can access the finished zine in PDF format from the website.

Below is a video of some of the capture from the day the site was live.


Then, in August of 2020, after the zine was produced, we put up a show at Axis Gallery with some of the spreads from the zine and a video installation showing video above. Since this show happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn't seem likely that anyone would see it, so I created a time lapse video of the installation, which was published on the Axis Gallery website and provides an idea of what the show was all about.